About Us

Our Vision

We pride ourselves in the drive of excellence we provide for each and every one of the individuals using the service and for all our staff. We strive to be the best provider for people needing support, to bridge the gap to society, enabling independence and empowerment.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Bridge Centre North West Ltd is to provide a safe, affordable, high quality service to adults with learning difficulties. In doing so, we support the individuals, their families and carers in their efforts to reach their goals. The aim of the service is to ‘Bridge the Gap’ and reduce any barriers that individuals may be faced with. The centre provides support in a safe, welcoming and person centred environment to meet the individual needs of the service users. The staffs here are fully trained and are each specialised in different areas. We provide a home like environment in which individuals are encouraged to develop at their own pace. The staffs here at the centre are committed to the service users, their families and carers, providing support and encouragement.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide an affordable, convenient dependable service.
  • To provide a nurturing environment which encourages service users to reach their potential.
  • To create a warm, friendly setting that enables service users to develop physically, socially and psychologically.
  • To encourage independence and promote individual rights while recognising individuality.
  • To Keep Service Users Safe
  • To provide stimulation & support whilst encouraging the partaking of all our activities & community events.
  • To involve Parents/Carers in the day to day care & support of Service Users.
  • Respect confidentiality (by not discussing Service Users personal life & the correct storing of records securely).

We are proud to maintain a high quality service in which person centred values are promoted. We aim to work in partnership with the service users, their families / carers and other outside agencies so that each individual receives an effective support package.

Our Values

To justify our vision and mission, we are steered by our core values of integrity, empowerment, respect and ambition, therefore:


Integrity – we encourage staff to ‘do what you say’. We aim to demonstrate good character and encourage a positive atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We always try to do the right thing and are honest and straight forward with each other.

Empowerment – we encourage not only the service users but also the staff, to believe in themselves. We inspire staff to be responsive and innovative and we endeavour to do whatever it takes to create a positive and happy environment. We have a clear vision of where we are going.

Respect – we show consideration for one another and go out of our way to meet each other’s needs, while recognising differences. We promote, value and reward and encourage an honest two way communication. We believe that everyone is worthy of regard and admiration due to the excellent qualities and capabilities that are brought into the workplace.

Ambition – We have a strong desire to promote all staff and service users to accomplish both personally and professionally. We strive for achievement and success. We encourage determination, aspiration, motivation and enthusiasm.

We celebrate our success.


Our Services

Our timetable starts each day with breakfast. Most of our members choose this option and this is included with the cost of lunch provided too.

We offer a variety of meals that are part of the weekly menu that we plan and shop for. We choose four weekly menus to keep the food as varied as possible and include a daily vegetarian option too. A desert coarse is offered with options of fruit should that be favoured. We also organise monthly trips to various venues, Smithills Farm & Blue Planet Aquarium.

Below is a day in the sunshine at Townley Park

June 2019 4
June 6
June 2019 5
June 2019 7

Community Awareness

Arts & Crafts


Life Skills




Home Management



  • 09am - 10am Breakfast
  • 10am - 12pm Swimming
  • 12pm - 1pm Lunchtime
  • 1pm - 4pm weekly shooping


  • 9am - 10am Breakfast
  • 10am - 12pm Motivate
  • 12pm -1pm Lunchtime
  • 1pm - 4pm Bowling


  • 9am - 10am Breakfast
  • 11am - 12pm New Era Or Golf
  • 12pm - 1pm Lunchtime
  • 1pm - 4pm Football @ BFC


  • 9am - 10am Breakfast
  • 10am - 12pm Dance Syndrome
  • 12pm - 1pm Lunchtime
  • 1pm 4pm Arts & Crafts or Football


  • 9am - 10am Breakfast
  • 10am - 12pm Motivate
  • 12pm - 1pm Lunchtime
  • 1pm 4pm Granny D's Disco

Our Staff

Here are our staff members whose number one priority is your care.

Shellie Croasdale
Managing Director
Paul Croasdale
Operations Manager
Dominic Croasdale
Deputy Manager
Donna Croasdale
Training Manager
Elaine Todd
Team Leader
Jay Lange
Senior Support Worker
Susan Darmody
Shadie Beare
Support Worker
Aston Hesketh
Support Worker
Lee Whitehead
Support Worker
Briony Derbyshire
Support Worker
Simon Doe
Bank Support Worker
Mandy Berry
Bank Support Worker
Gary Heap


Adelaide House
1 Adelaide St
Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 16:00

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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